India being a tropical country, experiences ample monsoon rain that leads to leakages and dampness in structures. The leakages and dampness deteriorate the stuctures; lead to short circuits, damage the painting, furniture, false ceilings and other valuble articles; from fungus producing unhealthy smell, resulting in health hazards and monetary losses.

New Construction Concrete System Pvt Ltd. employs cement-based waterproofing system which is integral to the structure and permanent in nature. It stops leakages, seepages,leaching efflorescence and dampness in structures.

The treatment is not pare-filling or heat-generating. It integrates the materials without the use of any extenders and puts a stop to occurrence of pores and capillary channels in the structure making it impermeable permanently.

These treatment stand expansion and contraction of the structure under any pressure or weather conditions without cracking. Based on cement and natural mineral waterproofing compounds, they are designed to last for the lifetime of the structures under the 10 year free rectification guarantee against leakages.

Use Of Right Materials From Direct Sources.
Checks At Every Stage of Work - For Cement, Sand, Workmanship.
Use Of Sand Washing Machines and Mechanical Mixer.
Use of Fibermesh Fibers For Crack Prevention.
Monthly Reconciliations.
Method Statements And Monitoring.
Incentive System For Greater Commitment Towards Quality & Speed.

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