Bhati Mohiuddin, the founder of the New Construction Waterproofing Company was so proficient in his work, that he was simply known as "The Mistry". Born in 1919 in Sikar, Rajasthan, the Mistry started his career with the Indian Waterproofing Company, the pioneers of the cement based structural waterproofing in united India. His progress there was phenomenal, and he became the head of his division in no time.

The Mistry had an inquisitive mind since his childhood and he felt a sense of wonder in everything. This sensitivity increased and got enhanced with the years and pervaded in his sphere of vocation i.e. waterproofing. He was always introspecting in methods, means and techniques to better and develop further the structural waterproofing which resulted in the invention of Box Type waterproofing with Shahabad tiles. which was tried at Churchgate Subway for the first time. It was so successful, that it became one of the classical treatments of waterproofing.

His experimentation in his field of endeavor led him to adopt various techniques which resulted in greater durability, lesser time consumption and saving of costs in waterproofing treatments.


He breathed his last in 1985, and is survived by three sons : Iqbal Bhati, Amin Bhati and Nazar Ali Bhati. They have always been working with him and helping him in carrying out his projects. The legacy of this company in future will be carried out by young and talented sons of Iqbal Bhati; Hashim Bhati, Kasim Bhati, Yusuf Bhati, Yunus Bhati, Ahmed Bhati, Aiyaz Bhati. Their education and versatility is bound to take this company way ahead. With their vast experience at hand, they successfully expanded the activities of the New Construction Waterproofing Co, converting it into one of the finest waterproofing concerns in India.

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